What is Unacademy’s Relevel? How is Relevel so successful? Relevel Case Study

Relevel by Unacademy Case Study

Companies value you as a person, not your degree. because when you have talents, you have worth. Only when you have talents can your worth rise. Unacademy purchased the start-up Tapchief in February 2021 and rebranded it as Relevel. Today, Relevel is causing a major shift in the employment sector. So, how does Relevel manage all of this? Today, I’ll show you five excellent tactics for how Relevel was able to make such a huge change in the recruiting business despite such fierce competition.

1. Level Up the Game.

Every game, every business, and every person has a level at which they compete with one another. When you raise your game’s level, the rest of your rivals must either raise their level to compete with you or they will be eliminated from the competition. Today, any major business school, like as IIM, FMS, MICA, or XLRI, requires a high CAT percentile for admission. Top IIMs will not even consider applicants who score below the 98-99 percentile. However, not every candidate is accepted into these prestigious institutions. This does not imply that they are unable to work. As a result, Relevel desired to alter the situation. Relevel intended to transform the situation so that not only top college graduates obtain jobs, but that everyone with the abilities today gets a solid job. Relevel worked on three Nos for this project.

1. No Resume.

It’s great if you have a resume, but don’t worry if you don’t. You are more than welcome here.

2. No CGPA.

It doesn’t matter if your CGPA is low or high; in the past, most individuals in the recruiting business would look at your CGPA while making a decision. Relevel, on the other hand, has altered the situation. 

3. No College.

It makes no difference whether or not you have attended college. If you have attended college, great; if you have not attended college, Relevel will provide you with equal options. So, how did Relevel manage to do all of this? This is accomplished using Relevel Score.

What exactly is this? I’ll explain later, but if you want to work for any firm, you must start at the entry level.

Relevel score is for you. And you don’t require anything else in this area. Relevel merely checks to see if you have the necessary skills for the job you’re looking for. If you have the necessary talents, you will be very welcome, and you will have many possibilities on Relevel. However, if you lack abilities, you will be unable to find work. Regardless of how wonderful your college is. Because Relevel hires only on the basis of your talents, not your degree, CV, or education.

 2. Deep Dive not Shallow Play.

Today’s biggest issue with businesses is that when they recruit someone, they receive an individual that isn’t trained for the position and lacks the necessary skill sets. You’ve chosen him because of his impressive credentials, but he lacks the necessary skill sets. As a result, the organisation must devote a significant amount of time and resources to him, increasing their costs. What issues do staff have to deal with? Brother, they haven’t been promoted. Why would a corporation promote you if you aren’t performing well and adding value to the company? As a result, employees are not promoted. Both the firm and the personnel are dissatisfied. Relevel was able to remedy the entire problem. How? Relevel will provide you with a detailed analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. Where will you be working? They will do a SWOT analysis on your behalf.

Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Chances, and Threats

All of this will be communicated through Relevel. You will be instructed to concentrate on these strengths while also working on your weak areas that are required for that employment in order to develop. Never try to be a jack of all crafts; instead, focus on a few things and become an expert in them. It is not necessary to excel in all areas. Be an expert in a few specific subjects. And this is what the organisations demand. What occurs here is that you get an in-depth examination as well as resources to help you improve your skills. This employee has received job training. The employee has been well prepared for the work. He possesses all of the necessary talents, and when he joins the firm, he will be able to immediately begin working. He possesses the necessary abilities and will experience no difficulties. What advantage would corporations have if he is promoted faster? Companies save money since they don’t have to spend as much time on such people. They won’t have to use a lot of their money. Plus, by hiring that individual, the firm will make money. As a result, both the employer and the employee are pleased. They’ve open themselves up for a win-win scenario.

3. 5 Stair Step Up Model.

Relevel hasn’t kept things complicated; instead, they’ve made it so simple for everyone that your work, as well as Relevel’s, can be completed in only five steps.

How? The first stage, as you can see, is registration. If you’re looking for work, you come to Relevel and register. So, what’s the next step? The second step is to pay the registration fees. And it is through these fees that Relevel makes money. This option allows you to earn money through releveling. This is the business model, and you just have to pay the fees once, not often. As a result, the money you pay becomes Relevel’s revenue. What does the third phase entail? 5 Task Rounds are the third stage. You will be given five activities to do, each of which will be connected to your field and the job description for which you are applying. You earn your Relevel score in the fourth phase. You learn about your strengths and shortcomings as a result of your Relevel score.

What areas do you need to work on? You can confidently appear for multiple job interviews at firms using your Relevel score. In the fifth phase, you don’t have to do anything; all you have to do is send your Relevel score to the firms that are on their platform, and then you may attend their interview. On the Relevel platform, there are more than 50 organisations offering jobs, including Razor Pay, Upgrad, Urban Company, and many others. So, there are a lot of options for you on Relevel; the question is if you have the necessary abilities. The only thing that matters is whether you have the essential talents or not, regardless of your CGPA, degree, or college of graduation.

4. Zoom In & Zoom Out.

The current issue with businesses is that when they hire, they can only see the top layer of people and not the lower layer. Because they simply look at your résumé. When you look at an iceberg, you can see the piece of the iceberg that is above water, but 90% of the iceberg is below the water’s surface. Similarly, in today’s world, an in-depth examination of an employee is highly significant. Relevel’s 5-step procedure takes care of all of these tasks. How do they manage to accomplish it?

For instance, suppose you want the services of a company developer. To acquire this position, you must now pass five rounds. You will take an aptitude exam in the first round to see if you have the needed aptitude. The round comprises of 120 questions in which Relevel assesses your general aptitude. The second round follows. The second step consists of Industry Screening, which is taking an industry test to determine whether or not you have industry knowledge. That is, if you are looking for a position as a company developer in the real estate market, it will be determined how much information you have about the field.

So the firm receives a security check to see if this individual has industry expertise or if he is presently employed in another sector. Then there’s the Confidence Screening Test, which is the third round. Because you applied for a business developer position, which is a sales job, Relevel will assess your confidence in your ability to communicate effectively in writing. Can you write properly so that you can sell? And your spoken communication will be scrutinised to see how you communicate. So you’ve double-checked both your spoken and written messages. Relevel also assesses your self-assurance to determine whether you are a good match for the position. The fourth round will consist of a Pitch Test and a Negotiation Test. When applying for a sales position, it’s critical to consider how excellent of a sales pitch you can provide. How good are you at negotiating? How excellent are your sales abilities? Relevel will put everything to the test in the fourth round. After that, you’ll take your fifth step. Where you will have a face-to-face interview with industry professionals. And if you pass the interview, you’re done; you can use your Relevel score to apply to any of the firms. All of this has now resulted in a win-win situation. Employees receive a nice job, and employers get a very competent and skilled employee with whom they don’t have to put in a lot of effort. And the individual who can provide outcomes is the most precious asset to the company.

5. Open Line

Leadership is a game of empathy, and business is a game of execution. In business, if you execute slowly, your competitors will simply outperform you. And if you’re a leader who isn’t empathic, who isn’t able to comprehend people, there’s a good possibility your team and you won’t be able to create outcomes. Relevel has maintained an open channel of communication inside its business. Everyone’s thoughts are welcome here, whether they’re from the top, the middle, or the bottom. Each employee’s ideas are recognised, and if they are good, they are incorporated. So, what happens next? Empathy is developed as well; any leader or individual may connect with the other since you are open to all viewpoints. In addition, there is a concept known as Open Line Communication. Every employee has the ability to communicate with any other employee at any time. The longer the communication is closed, the longer the execution time. Do you not pay attention at government offices? because getting one item done takes so long, it takes months to get one tiny thing done. Because they will continue to send you to other locations and ask you to obtain the file and processes. And as a result, there is a great deal of lag in execution.

However, if you need to boost the pace of execution in your firm, maintain the lines of communication open. When you communicate through open lines of communication, the execution becomes lightning quick as well. And in the corporate world, this makes all the difference.

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