Shapoorji Pallonji Business Empire | Shapoorji Pallaonji Business Model

A long time ago, in a simple lower-middle-class  house in grant road, there used to live a young man named Pallonji Mistry. In the year 1865, Pallonji Mistry founded   a small construction company with an Englishman,  they named the company as Littlewood Pallonji. Their first project was the  construction of pavement on Chowpatty. This project led to a profit of Rs.  2000, a huge amount at that time. And this first profit became the stepping  stone of Pallonji’s future success.  

Later in 1880, Pallonji’s company constructed a  reservoir on Malabar Hill, which supplied water   to Mumbai for over 100 years. Later his 13-year-old son, Shapoorji joined the family business. And together  they father and son, expanded the business. Now more than a century later, their company  is known as, the Shapoorji Pallonji group. One of the world’s oldest  surviving construction companies. Moreover, the group is also the  largest individual shareholder of the humungous conglomerate, Tata Group. So without any further delay, let’s begin this never before seen journey and witness Shapoorji  Pallonji Group’s fascinating Business Empire.  

Journey of Shapoorji Pallaonji

We will start this voyage in Americas  & reach the windy state of Kansas.  Here the group’s subsidiary, Sterling and  Wilson, has been involved in the development of multiple solar projects including  the largest solar farm in Kansas. Moving to Vancouver, Canada. Here the company owns  a publicly traded General Contracting company, which has been involved in multiple  projects including the construction of Providence Cricket Stadium in Guyana. Speaking about Cricket, the group has also set   up a cricket academy and training  center based in Dublin, Ireland.  

Now let’s move to the vibrant Africa. Here the group has developed solar projects in Nigeria, Jordan, Niger, and  a 230-hectare Solar farm in South Africa, which at the time of construction was  South Africa’s largest solar plant.   Moreover in Africa, the group has been involved  in the construction of multiple projects,  like International Port in Gabon, National  Assembly in Gambia, Housing & hospital projects in Algeria, and also Mahatma Gandhi  International Conference Centre in Niger. Moving to scenic Mauritius, here  the group has jointly constructed major projects like Cyber Tower and the  International Convention Centre at Port Louis.  

Now let’s travel by a large transportation  ship, yes this too is owned by the Shapoorji Pallonji Group. We are currently passing Europe, here the group owns a majority stake in an  Italian gas-based power generation company,  STC, and also jointly owns a direct selling  consumer goods company in Switzerland.  

Now after the world tour,  it’s time to reach Asia.  And we will first set foot  in the desert sands of Oman. We are right now outside a stone palace built  for the Sultan of Oman back in the 1970s.   This was the first international project  of the Shapoorji Pallonji group. Moreover in Oman, the group has been involved  in the construction of Oman’s first Power plant, the Tallest Residential Tower, the Largest  Township, Municipality Building and Commercial Complexes. While the group also  employs over 6500+ people in the country. From Oman, let us travel to Saudi Arabia. Here the group has been involved in the   construction of multiple towers,  hotels, and even a college.  Moving to nearby Qatar, here the group  has undertaken construction work of  landmark buildings like Boulevard and  also a skyscraper project in Doha. From Doha let us take a ride & reach UAE. Here the group has been involved in the construction of Residential complex, Office  Buildings, Malls, multiple 5-star hotels, and has also developed one of the world’s  largest single-site solar project in Abu Dhabi. Moving to the rest of Asia, Shapoorji Pallaonji  group has been involved in the development of  multiple solar projects in  Philippines and a 168 MW solar plant in the neighbouring country Vietnam. Moving to Indonesia, here the group has also been   involved in the development of the world’s first  large sulfur processing floating facility.  

Business empire in India 

Now finally after our world tour,  it’s time to land in India. And we will return back to Mumbai. Here the group has been involved in  the construction of many of Mumbai’s landmark  buildings, which include, Bombay Stock Exchange building, the Reserve Bank of India building, Taj  Mahal hotel, Oberoi hotel, and also the tallest  residential twin towers in India, The Imperial. Moreover, in the rest of India, the group has been involved in the construction of over 100  Software Development Centres, over 25 automobile manufacturing plants, over 4and half thousand  lane kilometers of roads, multiple Bridges, Marine Facilities, Hotels, Institutes, Stadiums, Solar  farms and also the recently completed world’s longest highway tunnel above 10,000 ft, the Atal  Tunnel, Rohtang, which was jointly completed by their group company, AFCONS Infrastructure. Furthermore, the group also manufactures   diesel generators, operates an Investment  Advisory company, a NBFC, a precision products manufacturing company, a magazines  publishing company, a listed textile company, and also a Real Estate company, that has developed  over 13 million sq. ft. of residential properties, including 20,000 apartments in one of India’s  largest mass housing project in Kolkata. Moreover, the group also owns, Eureka  Forbes, the leading consumer goods brand with over 2 crore customers. The company also  manufactures the famous Aquagaurd waterpurifier.  

Furthermore, in the past the group was  involved in the production of the most expensive & highest-grossing movie of  those times, the iconic Mughal-e-Azam. Other than operating multiple business,  Shapoorji Pallaonji Group has been involved in various social causes which  include, Rural Education, Flood Relief;  the company has served more than 500,000 meals  to children from low-income families and have  also set up a Biodiversity Garden in Maharastra. After covering almost everything about the group,  we still have not discussed the biggest  asset of Shapoorji Pallaonji Group.  

At this point of time, the group owns an  18.37% stake in Tata Sons, making the group the largest individual non-trust shareholder  of the gigantic conglomerate, Tata Group.


So to end this long journey, that started  with a young contractor working on  a small pavement project in Mumbai, which has now  been transformed into a construction powerhouse  spread across the world. In the end, all I can say, this was Shapoorji Pallaonji group’s  fascinating business empire

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