How beggar Scam you | Why do people beg for money? | Types of Beggars

Dalbir, a 15 years old boy left with no choice after the death of his parents, he begs at the Nagpur railway station! But Dalbir did not reach there on his own free will. After his parents death, he got 2 strangers. And sent him to Nagpur on the pretext of helping him, to a woman who runs a very dangerous racket! With the help of doctors, the racket of making children beg by mutilating their body parts!This is actual reality. Whereas, on the other hand, there is Sambhaji Kale. Sambhaji Kale is a professional beggar, who has a big flat, land, two houses in Solapur , and have a lot of real estate properties. According to the National Human Rights Report, more than 40,000 children go missing in India every year! and 25% kids out of these 40k kids, i.e. more than 10k children who are never found! some are sold to a country like Africa or Thailand, Or a child is deliberately made handicapped and made to beg on the streets! Many such children have been arrested in India, who were deliberately making children handicapped and selling them to the begging mafia! This is a whole system! It is possible that the beggar to whom you gave money considering him helpless, that money did not work for him at all! it may be that the mother to whom you have given money to feed the child, may not be her child! There are so many secrets that are buried! The corner that you and I are all unaware of, this is a whole industry. An industry that, by ruining people’s lives, by taking advantage of your and my emotions loots money from you.

Begging Racket

Suppose you are going to office. It’s your first day in office and you are in a hurry. You stop the car on red light, and then suddenly a woman comes to you with a kid. And says, ‘I’ve to feed my kid’. The child has not eaten anything since morning, help us. You melt. Your heart melt. You take out 100 rupee note and give to her, but the question is why did you give her so much money? Who was that lady? After-all what did you see in that woman, that you gave her money without knowing her and talking to her. I know what you are thinking. That woman was a beggar. She was compulsed to her conditions. She was poor. She was asking money to feed her child. I helped her. What did I do wrong? But what if I say that reality is completely different. Seeing the innocent child whom you gave money, it was not her child. According to the Bombay Prevention of Begging Act, Begging was declared a crime in cities like Delhi and Mumbai! Because these beggars, cause a lot of congestion on traffic lights.
According to this law, whoever is seen begging, those people will be arrested and taken to a special court i.e. Beggars Court. And if found guilty, they will be sent special institutions i.e. beggars home. But in 2021 the Supreme Court rejected this Bombay Begging Act 1959, saying that in a country where the government is unable to fulfill even the basic needs of the people, how can begging be a crime there? People do begging for their needs. THE HINDU conducted a survey on 25k beggars, they came to know that a beggar earns 500 rupees a day. According to a census of 2011, there are 4,13,670 beggars. Buy by 2015, the same number increased to half a million. I know what you are thinking. If Indian economy is developing this much, then why the beggars are increasing in our country. Who is responsible for all this. Government or common people like you and me? Or those people who have made it a full fledged business. Those people who take advantage of other people’s helplessness and push them into this. Have you ever thought that you give money to those whom you consider innocent, where does that money go from there? Are those people really being helped? No! Absolutely not! And there are big reasons to it. To understand what we must first understand, that why people beg?

Types of beggars

According to the section 2(1) of BPBA, beggars are those who have no means of subsistence. Those people who are without food and drink! So, in very simple words, beggars do begging so that they can afford food, so that they can have a little money, they can wear clothes, or they can get shelter. I.e. food, cloth and house. But there is more to it. Because you’ll find three types of beggars.

1. No choice

  • Poverty and unemployment

There is so much poverty and no one is giving them work due to which, they have no other choice except begging.

  • Physical Disability.

Maybe that person has any physical disability. Any kind of physical disability, due to which he is not able to earn. According to a report, 30% beggars of Delhi NCR have a kind of physical disability.

  • Natural Calamities.

It may happen that due to flood, earthquake or any natural calamity, his house and business are ruined because of what he is left with no option rather than begging.

  • Psychological factors.

There are some people who don’t want to work. Moreover, there are many people, who have a sort of frustration or mental disorder, and as a result of which, they have to do begging.

2. Forced

People who are deliberately forced into this thing by others for their own profit. Means, people who are forced to do this. Has it ever happened to you that you are going to the mall or cinema hall, and you are surrounded by many children on the way asking for money. You offer food, they deny. You give a little money, they deny. They want more. Unless you give money, they don’t leave you! And in most of the cases, people give them money to get rid of them. And this is what they want. They get tired and give them money. Have you ever wondered why these people do not leave you? According to a report of NHRC, In India, more than 40k child are abducted every year. Out of these, more than 25% children i.e. 10k children are such that they are never found. I know what you are thinking. Where all these children go?

How Begging Racket Works

This is how India’s begging racket looks like. Beggars mafias prepare controllers at different places under them. They use these four things to push the kids in this. These children are sold far away to begging mafia or to terror groups. And how this happens?

Step 1 – The Strategy.

Proper strategies are used to bring in and retain these children, so that even after they come to know what’s going on with them. Even then they could not even think of leaving it all.

  • Luring them.

Trapping children by giving them something to eat or by saying something.

  • Kidnapping.

  • Renting Children from Parents.

There are many such children in India whose parents are given money and kids are taken on rent.
after that those children are made to do the work of begging.

Step 2 – Controlling.

Two things are used to control these kids.

1 – Threats.

Some kids are bullied. They put them into begging. Children who do not obey this thing are physically assaulted. And when left with no other option, Those children are forced to get ready to work for these begging mafias. Police have arrested many such doctors, they deliberately make those children medically handicapped and sell them to mafias. So that they can get maximum profit out of these children.

2. Violence

A person who is completely fit, you are deliberately ruining his body, so that he can get maximum begging, and you can make maximum profit. The children are trained in a special way so that they can collect maximum profit for these kids.

Step 3 – Location Selection.

If you observe very carefully, You will find the most beggars, where people have the least amount of time to spend. And there is a very big reason behind it. Time-value equation, Suppose, you are sitting in a park and a beggar comes to you. He begs you. And you have plenty of time to entertain him. There are very high chances, you’ll keep sitting with him but you won’t give him money. And you’ll notice, even after insisting a lot, even after trying a lot, that person didn’t get succeed in his goal. Why did it happen? Super simple. Because you had plenty of time to entertain it. Whereas if you are going to mall, or have to go to watch a movie, at that time, you have very less time. And in that case, if a beggar sticks to you, you’ll do all things to get rid of him. Reason being, because you have to reach movie hall on time. Or else you’ll miss the movie.

Hardly anyone knows that more than 90% people in India, earn less than ₹25000 a month! And moreover, 65% of India’s population is such that, earns less than ₹ 15000 a month. But the interesting thing is, There are many such beggars inside India, who earn from 20 to ₹ 25000 in a month! Means more than the majority of Indians. Because we find these people very helpless! We give money to them even if we don’t want to. But if I tell you that there are some beggars, who earn more than you and me, then you will not believe. Bharat Jain, who earns 70k-75k rupees a month. Laxmi Devi who has been begging since the age of 16. And according to many reports, she has built a huge bank balance. Pappu kumar who lost his leg in an accident. After this, he started begging. And according to the reports, he has assets worth more than 1.2 crore in Patna. But the question is, how they beggars are able to earn so much money?

Human Psychology.

These beggars understand psychology better than you! And that is the reason, you put money in their hands even if you don’t want to.  see how this happens. Woman with babies. You must have seen many times that on roads and at the red lights, you see women who has a child in her hands. Very helpless. Have to feed child. Son, please help! And you help them, thinking that the money I am giving to them, that are being given for their help. But wait a minute. Have you ever asked yourself this question, Why is the child in every woman’s hand always seen sleeping? Have you ever wondered, why that child looks so helpless and hungry for many days. I know what you are thinking. When that child is hungry for so many days and has not eaten anything, then he will appear helpless and hungry. Well, that’s not true. Because reality is different. The woman in whose hand you are seeing that child they don’t leave these children also. They are deliberately given such medicines, so that the child keeps sleeping, and its weight decreases so that, the child becomes very light, and that woman can carry him from one place to another. And how hard it is to carry a crying baby, you know that. So, they are given medicines deliberately.

The Hook

First of all, either these kids are bought from human traffickers, or they are taken on rent from their parents, after which these children are given Anesthesia. Due to which the weight of these children also decreases, and they keep sleeping. And it is easy for women to carry these children from one place to another. Then begins the process of begging from that child. Your eyes fall on that woman, on that child. And, you are hooked.

Begging for Milk and Medicine

If you deny and offer food, that lady asks you to get milk powder or milk. And that too from a specific shop. You go, get her milk and after that, that lady goes from there. You think how good you are. You’ve helped her.
Money deal with shopkeeper
In reality after sometime, the same lady returns the stuff to that shopkeeper, and the shopkeeper and that lady split that money. This is how this whole scandals operates. That shopkeeper earned too, and also that beggar. And you didn’t even know!

Target the Foreigners

1. Foreigners haven’t seen this much poverty in their own country. So, they sympathize and gives them more money.
2 – They have high paying capacity. Most foreigners how comes to India, their paying capacity is more than normal Indians. So, they give more money to these kids. Think, when a rickshaw guy takes 500 rupees for just 5 kms, what would these people do with them.
And in this industry, this isn’t limited to just women, but kids also do these things. Acting like a disabled. 

You must have seen such beggars, seeing whom you would have felt that this man is physically disabled. Either his hand or his leg is not working. But in reality, they don’t have any physical disability. They just act that they are disabled. So that they can get the most sympathy from people, and people also give them money as much as possible. But in most of the cases, they don’t have physical disabilities.


1 -Stop giving them Money.

try to understand this. When you give money to any beggar, then indirectly, you are doing these two things. By giving him alms, you motivate other beggars to beg too. He sees that if he gets the money, I’ll get the money too! Secondly, if you help a person by giving them money, in that scenario too, that person won’t do good in life. He’ll do begging again. Because if he gets money on asking once, then why work hard next time! And this is extremely dangerous for the society. The more money you give to these people, the more they will ask for it.

2. Make them Resourceful.

If you genuinely want to help someone, help them with food, help them with shelter, help them with clothing, or by providing them a job! Give them a means not money, through which they can make their life better. Don’t give people money to make them beg, but give them some means to support them, and promote their ability.

3. Try to share this Message.

Share this message as much as possible. Don’t give money and don’t let anyone else give money! Share this message as much as possible. The more people this truth reaches, the less people will put money in the hands of these beggars. And when less people will give money to these beggars, then these mafias won’t think to push these kids in all these things. When no one will give alms, people will start working instead of begging. And things will start to get better.
So, I request you, please don’t encourage begging. If you change something then only the country will change!

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