AMD makes a substantial $400 million investment in semiconductor design.

amd semiconductor

US chipmaker AMD witnesses a whirlwind growth in India’s semiconductor industry. Mark Papermaster, AMD’s Chief Technology Officer, shares his excitement about the surging semiconductor engagement, buoyed by the backing from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and government teams.

“We are thrilled with our robust design presence in India. As our design operations grow, the local market shows rapid expansion. PM Modi’s growth-focused vision for India is evident,” Papermaster revealed to TOI.

With over two decades of presence in India, AMD now plans to extend investments over the next five years. These investments aim to boost research and development capabilities, propelling semiconductor design and innovation. Furthermore, AMD seeks to nurture India’s talent pool, transforming it into a significant force in the semiconductor domain.

Currently, AMD has already made a significant investment in India. With these new investments, the company intends to increase its workforce from 6,500 to nearly 10,000 by 2028.

Papermaster emphasized the indispensable role of the Indian team, contributing globally by designing across the company’s entire product portfolio and skillset.

Regarding AMD’s interaction with the government, Papermaster highlighted their active engagement in workforce development for Indian semiconductors, collaborating with the government to materialize India’s ambitions of becoming a prominent semiconductor hub.

AMD’s decision follows the path of other American companies showing interest in the Indian semiconductor market. Micron’s recent $2.7-billion investment project for a high-end semiconductor testing and packaging unit is a testament to India’s rising significance in the technology sector.

In conclusion, AMD’s expanded involvement in the Indian semiconductor market showcases India’s growing potential and favorable business climate, making it a compelling choice for global semiconductor investments.

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