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Do you remember your golden childhood days? When we used to get cold Then our parents used to carry us to a doctor Who never gave bitter medicines nor any injection He used to give us some sweet pills And surprisingly we used to recover after eating those pills You might have forgotten this But this is called Homeopathy And it has a global market of around USD 17 Billion Its market is touching new heights But many people criticize this medical practice So, Today in this video we will understand this in detail Ministry of Ayush started in India in 2014 A in Ayush stands for Ayurveda and H for Homeopathy 1/3 rd of all the Ayush wellness centers in India are Homeopathic And 37% of the practitioner doctors in India are Homeopathic If we compare it with Allopathy Then only 5% of all the doctors in India are Homeopathic But they treat 20% of the patients In one way, homeopathy is nearly as popular as our ancient knowledge in Ayurveda Homeopathy came to India in the 19th century as a foreign practice Now, no matter how much popular it becomes Many people believe that homeopathy is an ineffective and unscientific marketing gimmick To understand this harsh criticism You should understand the history of homeopathy And what are its basic principles.

How did homeopathy Start

Homeopathy came out of Frustration And this Frustration was against the medical practices of that time 1796 was the year And to be honest, The cure was more painful than the disease at that time Let me give you some examples There used to be a concept of Bloodletting In which the blood from your was extracted by cutting the veins Whether you have a fever, smallpox, or even a sore throat US President George Washington also died due to this practice Once he had a sore throat And his Bloodletting was carried out He lost around 5 pints of blood And he died within 21 hours There were more concepts Laxatives were given so that you get an upset stomach Vomiting pills were given to bring out the toxins from your body Such haunting treatment was given even for minor illnesses People were fed up with these But you should remember The BP monitoring device which is very common and normal nowadays Those were not present during those times germs theory was not studied till now But Samuel Hahnemann observed all this who was a German And in frustration, he told that this is allopathy He gave this name out of contempt for that medicine practice He told that in these practices, the disease is treated by opposing the symptoms And I will invent a new technique Which will be called Homeopathy And He is known as the father of Homeopathy He said I will give some basic concepts By which the whole homeopathy will be governed And these concepts would shock you 

Basic principles of homeopathy

His first principle was the Principle of Similar People say if the substance which causes any illnesses If given in smaller portions then it can cure that disease The second principle is the Principle of Dilution Let me make it simpler for you it is quite technical They believe in not giving any medicine straightaway But in its diluted form Take one part of the medicine And 9 parts of water And mix them all This is called 1X dilution If more dilution is needed Take one part from the obtained mixture And mix it in more 9 parts of water This has now become 2X diluted Which means 1/100 2X is also termed C As 1/C dilution is equal to 1/100 dilution If we take one part from this solution and dissolve it in 100 more parts of water Then it will become 2C dilution Which means 1/10,000 And visit any Homeopathic Store And check the potency of any medicine You can easily find medicines with 30X or 200C potency So you can understand to what extent the homeopathic medicines are diluted now, I have a question for you Medicine which is highly diluted, is more powerful or less powerful? If you are thinking of less powerful Then you are wrong Because Samuel told a very interesting reason behind the dilution The more any medicine is diluted More is the medicine vigorously shake Then the end product Is not any medicine but a substance like a spirit This means the water absorbs all the properties of the medicine The Water Remembers And due to these principles The people who oppose Homeopathic questions What is this going on? How more power is obtained from more dilution? And we would discuss these questions in detail But before that The bigger question is If these principles are so controversial Then how did homeopathy become so popular?

How did Homeopathy become so popular

The first reason for this is Disillusionment with Modern Medicine Look, when homeopathy started Then it was taken as an alternative medicine Because the people were fed up with the practices followed at that time And even today many people, Due to the reactions and side effects of allopathy and considering the big pharma as a conspiracy Switch to the alternative homeopathic medicines And think in the other way In comparison to those bitter medicines and injections, the sweet pills are very attractive The second reason is the support from rich and influential people Earlier I used to believe Because allopathic medicines are expensive many people cannot afford these Therefore these people preferred homeopathic medicines But it is not like that Homeopathic doctors also used to stay with the royal family Queen Elizabeth II had a Homeopathic doctor for almost 17 years Prince Charles in 2019 become the patron of an organization Which promotes homeopathy It was observed in Germany that Homeopathy is very popular among the upper middle class And in Switzerland, Homeopathy is used in the public health sector And popular among young females And the third reason is related to the scientific temperament A study was conducted in six European countries Where it was found that the people who had a low scientific temperament Used more homeopathy products This study also told That the young females in Switzerland were educated But still used to follow homeopathy So they told that there might not be any link between education and scientific temperament Because mostly the people who opt for arts and literature in Europe are considered highly educated so there is no guarantee of scientific temperament or scientific understanding among the educated people Now you have understood That, how homeopathy became so popular around the world? Now Understand why many people criticize this practice?

Criticism of Homeopathy 

Most of the criticism is against the two common principles of Homeopathy Many people refer to Avogadro’s Number If you dilute any substance beyond a limit Then not even a molecule of that substance would be present in the mixture And in the terms of homeopathy, this number is up to 12C or 24X But homeopathy has medicine up to 30X And 200C Then people say that if you take the medicine of the potency 30X Then you have to consume 30,000 thousand liters of that medicine to get one molecule of the actual medicine So how are these diluted medicines powerful? The second reason for criticism about the vigorous shaking of the mixture The mixture might not have the medicine but the water remembers all the qualities of the medicine Then many people argue that any river has a huge quantity of water Which means it is diluted And as the water flows through heavy Rocks and mountains Vigorous shaking is also present Then if a small amount of poison is mixed in the river Then would the whole river water become poisonous? With high potency, it can immediately kill anybody But this does not happen Then this whole concept of potency and vigorous shaking Is questioned a lot by many people.

Why does Homeopathy work

 If you question these above critiques How homeopathy is able to cure people even after such flaws? Then they would answer in two ways First, the consultation with the doctor in homeopathy does not end in two minutes Or 2-3 tests The consultation in homeopathy is rigorous and thorough and takes hours to complete Doctors use to understand the patient’s lifestyle And during giving any medicine also give some conditions On how one must follow a lifestyle so that the medicine can work So many times the change in lifestyle works instead of the medicines due to which people recover faster Second, this happens due to Placebo Effect Many times if you give any ill person a sugar cube as medicine and tell him that he would recover after having it Then in our minds, this goes as a medicine And you start feeling better And many times due to this Placebo Effect many people recover from their illnesses. This Placebo Effect was very common during the testing of the COVID-19 vaccine Among the two groups One group is given sugar syrup And actual vaccine to the other And nothing is told to anyone They used to check Whether Placebo Effect works as much as the vaccine If it works, then giving a vaccine is of no use And this Placebo Effect works in the homeopathy Due to this homeopathy is quite effective sometimes.


Homeopathy is an alternative field of medicine Which has a lot of good points They do a thorough consultation with a patient They understand the patient’s lifestyle beyond the illness This is a very good practice Apart from this many times homeopathy is very effective in upper respiratory tract infections and arthritis Many times a mixture of allopathic and homeopathic medicines is given to the patients Children don’t have any side effects from Homeopathic medicines These are very good points And these must be adopted While on the other hand There is a lot of criticism of homeopathy Homeopaths should work harder on these points And come with valid answers Look at allopathy They were treating an infection in the throat with bloodletting They were also criticized a lot But they improved and researched And today are very popular around the whole world Whose name was given by Samuel Hahnemann in frustration They are carrying that name forward And are continuously improving The same should homeopathy do Dr. Shantanu Abhyankar who is a formal homeopath and current allopath Also said we will adopt all the good practices from the alternative field of medicines like homeopathy by scrutiny and questioning So that humanity can be developed The need of the hour is scrutiny and questioning and not the blind belief.

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