How did Subhas Chandra Bose died? | BOSE: DEAD or ALIVE | Subhas Chandra Bose Biography

We remember all our freedom fighters on every year’s 15 August, And talk about their own unique struggles, Subash Chandra bose was one of those freedom fighters, And he was unique in his own way, We celebrate independence on 15 August, but he declared on December 1943 only, That India is free, And that’s why today i have come with 7 such things about bose, after hearing them, you will also say, ‘Bose was Awesome’


Bose was brilliant in studies from the beginning and even topped his class, And he got a B.A. degree in philosophy, He passed this degree in 1918 And then he appeared in the Indian Civil services exam in 1920, Where he was selected too, At that time the exam was conducted in England, At that time, in the Indian civil services exam if you are selected once, Then you can get all the powers, perks and you can work with the Britishers Any other ordinary man would have settled his life at that time, But bose became very unstable after hearing that the freedom fighter struggle is going on in India, And I am working with the Britishers, And hence he resigned from his job in 1921 and said that he will fight for freedom, Now, Bose has quitted his job, but now the question was that how can they participate in the struggle, And then bose joined INC in the late 1920s, He remained there from 1920 to 1930, And because he was so good at whatever he did, so his likeability increased in INC too, He became congress’s President in 1938, Now whenever somebody becomes the president of a party, then he tries to hide the party’s flaws,And wants people at his party to like him,  But bose was different, and he started criticizing Congress’ foreign policies, Internal policies, etc, After that, the differences between him and Nehru and Gandhi just got bigger, And then he was expelled from the Congress party in 1939, bose led an army, It is very difficult for a revolutionary to make a party or organization, But bose decided on a different Idea, Before Bose, Rash Bihari Bose made Azad Hind fauj in 1942, But it was dissolved due to some of the differences with Japan, After that, his Army was led by Subhash Chandra bose in 1943, And he converted this into an Army of 43000 soldiers, He had differences with Gandhi and Nehru but he named the brigades by their names too, And he said with such a big force that he will get India Free, And he also marches a flag in 1943 in Andaman and Nicobar, And declared that India is now free from Britishers, And said that he will slowly free the whole country, He had such a Large vision.

Foreign relations

Bose used to criticize congress foreign policy a lot, It was because bose saw a different vision for India, A vision by which India can unite with other countries and throw Britishers out quickly, And congress disagreed with him on this point, and hence Bose criticized them, Bose met with leaders from Japan to Germany and tried to make good relations with them. 

Enemies all Around 

On one hand, Bose was raising an army and making such foreign policies, So the Britishers were afraid of him, And they were his big enemies, And they wanted to eradicate him from their path, On the other hand, he was an open critic of the congress, Congress has expelled him, and the Congress leader did not consider him good, They thought that the way bose was on, was not good, So Congress also did not like bose at that time, Although Bose respected Nehru and Gandhi a lot, But their paths were very different And this was the time when our freedom was very close. 

Mystery of Bose

Bose was a very mysterious man for his whole life, And his death was also a big mystery, On 18th August 1945, a plane flew, in which it is said that bose was in That Plane crashed and it was said that Bose died in that accident, But no one knows that whether bose was on the plane or not, Some people say that he was alive in 1966 and was seen when Lal Bahadur Shastri went to Tashkent, Some people believe it and some not, After that, because Lal Bahadur Shastri also died mysteriously so this also remained a mystery, But no one knows whether Bose was in that plane or not, Bose was a mystery for his whole life, and his death too became a mystery You must have known that the US dropped 2 bombs on Japan on 6th and 9th August 1945, And Japan surrendered on 15th august 1945, And this plane crashed 3 days after that, It was said that because Japan was helping bose a lot, so after Japan surrendered, Bose tried to fake his death, So that they will be able to make a new plan for India’s Independence from a distance, But we will never get to know that whether it is right or wrong.

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